Our History

Our company started to produce ALFALFA PELLETS continuously at the end of 1986, with a production capacity of two tons per year at that time. In the beginning and for several years, the raw material was acquired from third producers in our area.

Permanence and stability in the market, constant advances in quality, presentation, service and quantity were taking us with the inclusion of new and sophisticated equipment and facilities, to have now a production of FIFTY THOUSAND TONS per year, which places us as the most important company with regard to production and marketing of alfalfas in the Republic of Argentina.

The growing demand for having excellent quality raw material throughout the year encouraged us to the production of alfalfas in leased fields, allowing us to standardize the quality of the offered product ensuring it all over the year.

Today we have our own TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED HECTARES, where we produce the most of the used raw material. According to the own and external requirements, we were incorporating the latest technology equipment for harvesting and gathering which allows us to have a large volume of raw material of excellent quality.

In order to expand the range of products and to include in the market another form of alfalfa presentation, from season 09/10 we have incorporated as an alternative to the pellets (short fiber), and the BIG BALES (long fiber).

Since more than 20 years, PELLFOOD EXPORTS uninterrupted to Latin America countries and others countries of the world.