In order to expand the range of products and to include in the market another form of alfalfa presentation, from season 09/10 we have incorporated as an alternative to the pellets (short fiber), and the prismatic bundle (long fiber).

Acceptance of mega bundles is excellent, being in great demand and required by feedlots, dairies and stud farms.


We obtain our big bales with the most pure alfalfas from the center of the country keeping a stable quality, these bundles have a traditional format, but with a bigger size.

Length 2,30
Height 0,70
Width 1,20


The alfalfa is cut, dried in the sun, and then pressed with a dampness varying between 15 – 22%.

The machinery that processes the hay has a cutter incorporated that makes a pre-chopped of the alfalfa plant, making easier to disassemble the mega bundle and consequently, its further dosing.

The size of the pre- chopped alfalfa can be regulated, varying between 7 and 15 cm. The capacity of a chassis and trailer is 48 units, reaching a load weight of 22 – 24 tons, which reduces the freight value and making effective the transport.